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NGOChildren in Crisis
AddressChildren in Crisis, 5th Floor, The Tower, 125 High Street, London SW19 2JR
Telephone020 76271040
Background InformationChildren in Crisis (CiC) works on education projects for children across the world including the UK. CiC aims to work through local partner organisations wherever possible to improve access to education. CiC currently supports projects in Afghanistan, China, East Timor, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Ukraine and the UK and is currently developing new programmes in Liberia and DRC. CiC's education projects encompass teacher training, school rebuilding, classes for street working children, midwife education, HIV/AIDS education and drug and alcohol education. Source: Questionnaire 2006
Year Created1993
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesChildren in Crisis has not undergone any name changes but is sometimes known by the acronym CiC.
Related OrganisationsBOND- British Overseas NGOs for Development; BAAG- British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group; CRIN- Child Rights Information Network; BEARR Trust;
KeywordsAddiction and recreational drugs; Children and young people; Education; HIV/AIDS; Ill-Health, medicine, counselling and rehabilitation; International development and humanitarian aid; Sexuality and sexual activity.
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