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AddressBirthlink, 21 Castle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3DN
Telephone0131 2256441
Background InformationBirthlink is a Scottish charity (no. SC013007) and a registered adoption agency, offering after-adoption services which include the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland, and a search of public records service. Until recently, the charity was known as Family Care, acting as an umbrella body for the Birthlink and Care Connect projects, supporting those who have been adopted, and those who spent some or all of their childhood in care, respectively. The charity began life as the Eastern Branch of the National Vigilance Association of Scotland, with a focus on helping women and girls on the street. This developed over time into support for pregnant women and single mothers, and then into the organisation's current concerns. Sources:;; contact with NGO, Sept 2007
Year Created1911
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesNational Vigilance Association of Scotland; Guild of Service; Family Care
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KeywordsFamily life; Gender; Scotland; Sexuality and sexual activity.
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