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NGOAssociation of Wrens

Association of Wrens, 8 Hatherley Street, London SW1P 2YY

Telephone020 79320111
Background Information

The Association of Wrens was formed in the wake of the First World War, in order to preserve the esprit de corps of the Wrens (Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS)) who served in that conflict. Alongside former Wrens, the Association is also open to former members of the Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service (QARNNS), the Women's Royal Naval Reserve (WRNR) and the Voluntary Aid Detachments (VAD), as well as to women who have served, or are currently serving, in the Royal Navy and Royal Naval Reserve. Source:

Year Created1920
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

Wrens (Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS))

Related Organisations

Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service (QARNNS); Women's Royal Naval Reserve (WRNR); Voluntary Aid Detachments (VAD); Royal Navy; Royal Naval Reserve

KeywordsGender; War, conflict and pacifism.
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