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NGOAnglo-Ethiopian Society

Anglo-Ethiopian Society, P. O. Box 55506, London, SW7 4YP

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The Anglo-Ethiopian Society seeks "to foster knowledge of Ethiopian culture, history and way of life and to encourage friendship between the British and Ethiopian peoples." It organises events, facilitates contacts, and publishes on Ethiopian affairs. The Society was formed under the leadership of Professor Norman Bentwich, although its early years were somewhat complicated by the concurrent existence of the Abyssinian Association. Steadfastly non-political, the Society particularly promotes cultural understanding and friendship, through a lecture programme, a members' newsletter, and its website. For a more detailled history of the Society, see the document 60 years of the Anglo-Ethiopian Society, November 1948 – November 2008. Sources:; contact with NGO, June 2007-March 2009.

Year Created1948
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Abyssinian Association

KeywordsInternational relations and international affairs.
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