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NGOBritish and Foreign School Society

The British and Foreign School Society, Maybrook House, Godstone Road, Caterham, Surrey CR3 6RE

Telephone01883 331177
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The British and Foreign School Society is a long-standing educational charity, originally established in order to further the 'Lancasterian system' of education, pioneered by the Nonconformist Joseph Lancaster to provide a basic education to the maximum number of children. With the rise of the State in the provision of education, the Society developed its speciality in teacher training, which continues today, primarily through Brunel University. Charity no. 314286. Source:

Year Created1808
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

Society for Promoting the Lancasterian System for the Education of the Poor; Royal Lancasterian Institution for the Education of the Poor (1808-1814)

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KeywordsChristianity; Education.
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