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NGOBritain - Tanzania Society
AddressBritain - Tanzania Society Holmbush Church Road, Barcombe East Sussex BN8 5TP
Telephone[no phone]
Background InformationThe Britain - Tanzania Society (BTS) "was founded in 1975 by Bishop Trevor Huddleston, Amon Nsekela, Roger Carter and others in the UK and Tanzania. It is a non-political, non-governmental organisation. In the UK it has formed the Tanzania Development Trust (TDT), a charity to finance local projects. The Society aims to increase mutual knowledge, understanding and respect between the peoples of Britain and Tanzania through the following activities: providing speakers and writers and running seminars in the UK on subjects relating to Tanzania; welcoming visitors to the host country; offering support and friendship to students; raising funds to finance small-scale community based projects in rural Tanzania." Source:
Year Created1975
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies
Related OrganisationsTanzania Development Trust (TDT)
KeywordsInternational development and humanitarian aid; International relations and international affairs.
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