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NGOBuglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust
AddressBuglife-The Invertebrate Conservation Trust, 170A Park Road, Peterborough, Cambs, PE1 2UF
Telephone01733 201210
Background Information"Buglife-The Invertebrate Conservation Trust is the first organisation in Europe committed to the conservation of all invertebrates. Our aim is to prevent invertebrate extinctions and maintain sustainable populations of invertebrates in the UK, by: (1) Undertaking and promoting crucial study and research; (2) Promoting sound management of land and water to maintain and enhance invertebrate biodiversity; (3) Supporting the conservation work of other entomological and conservation organizations; (4) Promoting education and publicising invertebrates and their conservation, and influencing invertebrate conservation in Europe and worldwide." Source:
Year Created2000
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Related OrganisationsWildlife and Countryside Link
KeywordsAnimals and animal protection; Environment and conservation.
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