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NGOCo-operative Party

Co-operative Party, 77 Weston Street, LONDON, SE1 3SD

Telephone020 73674150
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In its own words, "the Co-operative Party is the political arm of the Co-operative Movement in Westminster Parliament, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and in local councils throughout the country." A registered political party that works very closely with the British Labour party, the Co-operative party was formed during World War One, in order to secure direct Parliamentary and local representation for the co-operative movement. Initially an electoral competitor of Labour's, and agreement was reached between the parties to allow it to affiliate to the Labour party at a local level, with a more comprehensive agreement on the selection of candidates following in 1946. Strictly speaking, however, the party is not affiliated to Labour at a national level, although is does maintain very close links. Source:

Year Created1917
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

Central Co-operative Parliamentary Representation Committee

Related Organisations

British Labour party

KeywordsPolitics and political ideologies.
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