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NGOAssociation for the Democratic Integration of Industry (DEMINTRY)
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Background InformationThe Association for the Democratic Integration of Industry (DEMINTRY) was launched by Ernest Bader, Farmer Services Ltd and Wilfred Wellock. "Launched in January 1958, it was a plan to form a community of firms, industrialists and those interested in industrial and social reform, along common ownership lines. It was begun with an advertisement in The Times, with follow-up meetings." By 1964 the organisation had 120 supporting members, and seven practising operating companies. Bader later resigned as President, following disagreements over links with the armaments industry. DEMINTRY was a predecessor body to ICOM, the Industrial Common Ownership Movement. Source: NRA Handlist 27758.
Year Created1958
Year Ended1970s
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Related OrganisationsICOM
KeywordsPolitics and political ideologies.
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