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NGOAbolition 2000 (Abolition 2000 UK)

Abolition 2000, 162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ

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In its own words, "Abolition 2000 UK was founded in October 1996 and is a coordinating and facilitating office for more than 100 groups in Scotland, Wales and England that have signed the Abolition 2000 statement. Abolition 2000 UK exchanges information, organises cooperative action, produces papers and campaigning material and 'fills the gaps' left by its supporting groups." Seeking the global abolition of nuclear weapons, the body was originally formed in Canada in the wake of the failure of the 1995 review of the Non-Proliferation Treaty to address nuclear abolition. The network now embraces organisations in more than 90 countries. Sources:;

Year Created1996
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Abolition 2000

KeywordsWar, conflict and pacifism.
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