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NGOBritain in Europe (BiE)
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Background InformationBritain in Europe was an all-party pressure group, campaigning in favour of British membership of the European Economic Community (EEC), later the European Union (EU), and British participation in the European single currency. Always closely allied with the European Movement (EM), Britain in Europe in fact came and went as an organisation (perhaps more properly as a brand), as and when European integration was high on the political agenda. Along with the EM, it championed the cause in the 1960s, and spearheaded the 'Yes' campaign in the 1975 referendum. Most recently, it was relaunced in 1999, only to cease operations and remerge with the EM in 2005, when the French and Dutch referendums marked the failure of the European constitutional treaty. The precise chronology is somewhat complicated. Launched by Federal Union, along with the body Europe House (which BiE would soon merge with), it campaigned for EEC membership under the chairmanship of Lord Gladwyn, former British ambassador to France. After the failure of the Macmillan application to join the EEC in 1963, it underwent a further merger with the Common Market Campaign (which had also been established by Federal Union, this time in 1961, as an independent, non-federalist campaign, also chaired by Lord Gladwyn). It continued under the BiE name, sharing offices with the Campaign for a European Political Community. In the later 1960s, under the leadership of Ernest Wistrich, the body merged with the EM, becoming known as the British Council of the European Movement. However, it re-emerged as a separate entity for the 1975 referendum, during which the EM took a back seat. Source: Mayne & Pinder _Federal Union_ 1990
Year Created1950s
Year Ended2005
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesEurope House; Common Market Campaign; British Council of the European Movement
Related OrganisationsEuropean Movement; Campaign for a European Political Community; Federal Union; Campaign for Europe; National Referendum Campaign (NRC)
KeywordsEuropean integration.
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