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NGOArab Club of Britain
AddressThe Secretariat, The Arab Club of Britain, PO Box 2101, London, W13
Background InformationThe Arab Club of Britain seeks to consolidate, support and strengthen the identity and cohesion of the UK's Arab community, to promote understanding between the Arab community and the wider UK, and to establish special schools to teach the Arabic language and culture. More generally, the Club acts as a forum for cooperation for smaller Arab organisations, holding the first Arab Communities Conference in 1990, and establishing the Permanent Consultative Council of the Arab Communities Conference two years later. In this wider goal, the Club worked closely with the London office of the League of Arab States (Arab League). Company no. 2767041. Source:
Year Created1980
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesAnglo-Arab Association (?); Anglo-Arab Club (?)
Related OrganisationsArab League
KeywordsEthnicity and race; Islam; Migration, immigration and population.
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