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NGOChristians in Science (CiS)
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Christians in Science (CiS) describes itself as "an international network of those concerned with the relationship between science and Christian faith, open to scientists, teachers, students and all those with an interest in this dialogue." Seeking to "develop and promote biblical Christian views on the nature, scope and limitations of science, and on the changing interactions between science and faith", the group undertakes a range of activity, including publishing the journal Science and Christian Belief with Faith and Thought, and organising conferences. Starting life within what is now the UCCF, CiS became a fully independent organisation in 1996. Source:

Year Created1940s
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

Science Group; Research Scientists' Section; Research Scientists' Christian Fellowship (RSCF) (1950-1988)

Related Organisations

UCCF; Faith and Thought

KeywordsChristianity; Science and scientific research.
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