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NGOActive Learning Centre
AddressActive Learning Centre, Glasgow University, 11 Southpark Terrace, Glasgow, G12 8LG
Telephone0141 3372777
Background InformationThe Active Learning Centre (ALC) is an international development charity (no. SC 022963), challenging poverty through the enhancement of socio-political rights. The group's focus is on skills and training, particularly in the areas of political participation, governance, and female and child rights. As well as running its own projects, ALC acts as a consultancy for other civil society groups. The ALC works in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, and is based at Glasgow University. Sources:;
Year Created1994
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies
Related OrganisationsBOND (British Overseas NGOs for Development); NIDOS (Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland); Glasgow University
KeywordsChildren and young people; Education; Equality, discrimination and prejudice; Gender; Governance and citizenship; Human rights and civil liberties; International development and humanitarian aid; Politics and political ideologies; Scotland.
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