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NGOEaves (Eaves Housing for Women)
AddressEaves, 2nd Floor Lincoln House, 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE
Telephone020 77352062
Background InformationEaves, the working name of Eaves Housing for Women, is a charity working to support and assist women in a range of vulnerable and exploitative situations. The charity began as Homeless Action, providing (as it continues to do) single homeless women with supported housing. However, it has also diversified. The Lilith project focuses on a range of issues surrounding violence against women, including rape, trafficking and genital mutilation. Within Lilith, the Kalabash network exists for groups working on violence against women amongst BME communities, and the Sexual Violence Action and Awareness Network (SVAAN) has been established by Eaves and the Women?s Resource Centre (WRC), co-operating with the UK Rape Crisis Coordination Group. The government funded Poppy project supports women trafficked into the UK sex trade, and the charity also runs women?s aid projects for women and children escaping domestic violence. Company no. 1322750, charity no. 275048. Sources:;
Year Created1977
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesHomeless Action/Homeless Action and Accommodation (1977-1996). Subsidiary projects: Poppy project; Sexual Violence Action and Awareness Network (SVAAN); Kalabash network; Lilith project
Related OrganisationsWomen?s Resource Centre (WRC); UK Rape Crisis Coordination Group
KeywordsChildren and young people; Ethnicity and race; Family life; Gender; Housing and homelessness; Legal affairs, the justice system and crime; Migration, immigration and population; Sexuality and sexual activity; Violence and abuse (individuals).
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