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NGOCare for the Wild International
AddressCare for the Wild International, The Granary, Tickfold Farm, Kingsfold, West Sussex, RH12 3SE
Telephone01306 627900
Background InformationCare for the Wild International (CWI) describes itself as "an animal welfare and conservation charity. We protect wildlife throughout the world from cruelty and exploitation. By funding practical projects we make areas safe for wildlife, rehabilitate sick or injured animals and provide sanctuary for those who cannot return to the wild." The charity has its roots in the National Society for the Abolition of Cruel Sports, a group established in 1932 by Ernest Bell and Henry Salt of the League Against Cruel Sports. The organisation was relaunched in 1984 in the current incarnation, by Bill Jordan. Charity no. 288802. Sources:;
Year Created1984
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesNational Society for the Abolition of Cruel Sports; Care for the Wild
Related OrganisationsLeague Against Cruel Sports
KeywordsAnimals and animal protection; Environment and conservation.
CollectionsThis organisation was contacted by DANGO and to date we have received no reply.
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