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NGOYouth Scotland
AddressYouth Scotland, Balfour House, 19 Bonnington Grove, Edinburgh EH6 4BL
Telephone0131 554 2561
Background InformationYouth Scotland is a national umbrella body for youth groups and clubs, and the largest non-uniformed voluntary youth organisation in the country. The organisation has its roots in the 1860s and the Girls Club movement, and is now principally concerned with offering information, training and support to youth workers. Charity no. SC000501. Source:
Year Created1860s
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesGirls Club movement; Scottish Association of Mixed Clubs and Girls Clubs (1957-1961); Scottish Association of Youth Clubs (1961-1988); Youth Clubs Scotland (1988-2001)
Related Organisations
KeywordsChildren and young people; Gender; Recreation & sport; Scotland.
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