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NGOWomen's Liberation Campaign for Legal and Financial Independence

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The Campaign was targeted at securing the 'fifth demand', that of legal and financial independence for women. The Organisation campaigned against "the tax, benefit and pensions policies that treated husband and wife as a breadwinner-dependent couple with no need of separate incomes." As part of its grass-roots activism and consciousness raising, it published pamphlets, including The Demand for Independence, and launched the highly visible "Why Be A Wife" (YBA Wife) campaign. Much of what the group campaigned for has since been achieved ("Husbands and wives are now taxed separately and the married man's tax allowance has been abolished. Married women can no longer opt to make more limited national insurance contributions in return for more limited rights to benefits. People who are married or cohabiting still cannot claim means-tested benefits separately from their partner; but at least either one of them can now be the claimant, rather than just the man.") (source: McIntosh, M. "Engendering Economic Policy: The Women's Budget Group", Women: A Cultural Review, vol. 12 (2), Sept, 2001, pp.147-157)


Year Created1977
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Fifth Demand Group

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KeywordsEquality, discrimination and prejudice; Gender.
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