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NGOBritish Housewives' League
Address[The DANGO team have been unable to trace this organisation, and believe that it may no longer be active. If you have any information regarding this body, please contact us on]
Background InformationThe British Housewives' League is a right-wing, non-party group that seeks to act as the voice of the British housewife, providing advice and encouraging active participation in society. The League seeks to defend the UK's independence and constitution, to promote Christian values, and to discourage excessive state control. In the past the League has campaigned against rationing, and UK membership of the European Union. Led by Dorothy Crisp in the 1940s, the League broke ranks with the Conservative party and moved further to the political right in the later part of that decade. Sources:; Ramsden 2002; Cook 1975 vol 1
Year Created1940s
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KeywordsChristianity; Equality, discrimination and prejudice; European integration; Family life; Gender; Governance and citizenship; Politics and political ideologies.
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