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CollectionGrace Eyre Foundation
NGOGrace Eyre Foundation
RepositoryEast Sussex Record Office

Records of the Grace Eyre Foundation, and its predecessor the, Guardianship Society, are held at East Sussex Record Office.  The online catalogue describes the records as including:


Ref. GUA/1; Minutes of the General Committee (dates 1913-1983)

Ref. GUA/2; Minutes of the Executive Committee (dates 1914-1984)

Ref. GUA/3; Minutes of the Executive (Case) Committee (dates 1916-1984)

Ref. GUA/4; Minutes of the Finance Committee (dates 1917-1973)

Ref. GUA/5; Minutes of the Visitors' Committee (dates 1919-1921)

Ref. GUA/6; Minutes of the Special Boarding-out Committee under the Board of Education (dates 1921-1924)

Ref. GUA/7; Minutes of the Dungates Cottage Farm Management Committee (dates 1923-1924)

Ref. GUA/8; Annual General Meeting attendance book (dates 1931-1939)

Ref. GUA/9; Annual reports (dates 1913-1993)

Ref. GUA/10; Staff salaries books (dates 1935-1969)

Ref. GUA/11; Newspaper cuttings books (dates [1919]-1968)

Ref. GUA/12; Lists of patients to be seen by the Visiting Justices (dates 1950-1959)

Ref. GUA/13; Records of Dungates Farm, Waldron (dates 1923-1959)

Ref. GUA/14; Records of Tubwell Farm, Rotherfield (dates [1845]-1959)

Ref. GUA/15; Minutes of the Training Centre Committee (dates 1952-1984)

Ref. GUA/16; Minutes of the Annual General Meetings (dates 1956-1982)

Ref. GUA/17; Rules, prospectuses and other publications (dates 1928-1996)

Ref. GUA/18; Index to admission and discharge registers (dates 1913-1980)

Ref. GUA/19; Admission register (dates 1939-1983)

Ref. GUA/20; Discharge register (dates 1958-1993)

Ref. GUA/21; Index to foster parents and patients (dates 1913-c1980)

Ref. GUA/22; Society account books (dates 1946-1985)

Ref. GUA/23; Training Centre accounts (dates 1960-1977)

Ref. GUA/24; Foster parents' account book (dates 1978-1985)

Ref. GUA/25; Annual balance sheets and statements of accounts (dates 1927-1967)

Ref. GUA/26; General correspondence files (dates 1963-1970)

Ref. GUA/27; Client case-files (dates 1932-1996)

Ref. GUA/28; Subject files (date 1982-1983)

Ref. GUA/29; Photographs (dates c1880-1951)

Ref. GUA/30; Staff insurance policies (dates 1925-1929)


Ref. GUA/31; Correspondence and papers of Grace Eyre: unregistered files (dates 1913-1998)

Ref. GUA/32; Correspondence and papers of Grace Eyre: registered files (dates 1914-1934)

Ref. GUA/33; Films (dates c1950-c1960)

Ref. GUA/34; Buildings (date 1950)

Ref. GUA/35; Probate copies of Woodhead family wills (dates 1903-1936)

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Online catalogue.

Reference of CatalogueNRA 26964 Guardianship Soc
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Correspondence with the Guardianship Society is among the records of Eastbourne District Health Authority (ref. HE80/18; date Oct 1959 - May 1965) also held at East Sussex Record Office -see online catalogue.

A number of more minor references to the Guardianship Society are listed on A2A.

Source of InformationNRA; A2A
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