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CollectionEnglish Heritage (Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England)
NGOEnglish Heritage (Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England)
RepositoryNational Monuments Record

The English Heritage: National Monuments Record website describes its holdings as follows:

"Listed Building descriptions
A complete set of Listed Building descriptions ('greenbacks') for England may be consulted. They are on open access.

Public access ('Red Box') collections
500,000 photographs of buildings, ranging in date from the 1870s to the 1980s and deriving from various sources. This open access collection is especially strong on ecclesiastical buildings and country houses.

Aerial Photo Collection
680,000 oblique aerial photographs of locations throughout England are available on open access in Swindon. 2,000,000 vertical aerial photographs covering the whole of England, including near-complete coverage taken by the RAF in 1946-8, may be consulted.

Buildings Files
Information on over 70,000 individual buildings, comprising a combination of photographs, drawings, notes and reports deriving principally from RCHME and EH fieldwork.

Measured Drawings Collection
56,000 architectural drawings, including plans, elevations, sketches and watercolours, deriving from the RCHME and other sources.

Estate Sales Particulars Collection
Brochures relating to the sales of land and property, usually by auction, documenting great changes in land ownership in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 1,500 brochures refer to 27,800 monuments across England

Jackson Stops
Over 3,200 sales particulars published by Jackson Stops and Staff and associated firms and other independent auctioneers and estate agents, covering the whole of England.

Survey notes
The original research material (notes, sketches and photographs) for RCHME inventory volumes and for the Survey of London.

For more information about any of these collections contact the NMR Enquiry & Research Services on 01793 414600.

The NMR Library
The Library at the NMRC comprises over 50,000 volumes, including extensive reference collections on archaeology and architecture, together with smaller sections on related topics such as maritime studies, industrial archaeology, archive preservation and management, aerial photography and place-names studies. The NMR has 200 current subscriptions to journals and acquires round 1000 new monographs each year. It is available to visitors as an open access reference collection."

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"Materials may be consulted in the NMR's Swindon offices. it is advisable to order this material in advance." Source NMR website

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NMR website.

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Records of English Heritage: London region are among several collections, including:


Ref. ACC/3499 (NRA 41086); dates 1828-1993, held at London Metropolitan Archives: City of London. The online catalogue decsibes the administrative history: "On the abolition of the Greater London Council in 1986, the functions of its Architect's Department's Historic Buildings Division were handed over to the London Region of English Heritage. The plans and files formerly belonging to the Historic Buildings Division form the bulk of this collection.

The division was involved with the refurbishment, repair and general maintenance of buildings within the Greater London area which were deemed as being of historic or architectural significance. English Heritage continued this work after 1986 and in many cases files and plans of individual buildings will originate from both the GLC and English Heritage, and also sometimes from the GLC's predecessor, the London County Council.

In addition to these responsibilities, English Heritage is involved with the statutory listing of historic and architecturally significant buildings, and also with town planning and civic design, and these two areas of its work are also represented in the archive."

London Metropolitan Archives holds further records relating to English Heritage (London region), including: Ref B03/028; dates 1942-86 consisting of 'wartime log books, diaries, plans':  Ref. LMA/4441; dates 1900-86: consisting of 'public inquiries and statutory case files rel to Historic Buildings Division.': From Annual Return 1997; dates 1950-86: consisting of 'works section registry files'.  The Corporation of London Record Office also hold related records at Ref. B02/063; dates 1900-99, consisting of case files -see NRA record.


Records relating to English Heritage appear in numerous records listed on A2A (search under both 'English Heritage' and 'Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England'). 


Source of InformationNRA; A2A; National Monuments Record website
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