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NGOIndian Workers' Association (IWA) (GB)

Indian Workers' Association, Shaheed Udham Singh Welfare Centre, 346 Soho Road, Birmingham, B21 9QL

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The Indian Workers' Association (IWA) (GB) was a major body fighting for racial equality and working class advance in post-war Britain. Associations had been formed before the Second World War, primarily concerned with Indian independence, but mass immigration into Britain from India from the 1950s onwards, and the accompanying racial discrimination this met with, had a reinvigorating effect, and the umbrella body was formed in 1954. As a result of its Communist leanings, the IWA found unity difficult to achieve, with a Maoist split precipitated by the Indian-Chinese war, and IWA Southall never affiliating to the national body. The IWA was a key player in the foundation of the Black People's Alliance, and the Campaign Against Racist Laws. Source: Barberis et al Encyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organisations 2000 pp114-115.

Year Created1954
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Black People's Alliance; Campaign Against Racist Laws; IWA Southall; Co-ordinating Committee Against Racial Discrimination; Association of Indian Communists; Campaign Against Racism and Fascism

KeywordsEquality, discrimination and prejudice; Ethnicity and race; Migration, immigration and population.
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