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CollectionJoint Palestine Appeal
NGOUnited Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA)
RepositoryManchester Archives and Local Studies

Records of the Joint Palestine Appeal (predecessor of the United Jewish Israel Appeal) are held at Manchester Archives and Local Studies -see NRA record.

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Records relating to the Joint Palestine Appeal are among the records of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, held at London Metropolitan Archives: City of London -see online catalogue.


Collections exist for local branches of the Joint Palestine Appeal, including:



Glasgow Joint Palestine Appeal (ref. POL.JPA0001, POL.JIA0005; dates 1945-1968), held at Scottish Jewish Archives Centre -online catalogue.



Sunderland Joint Palestine Appeal (ref. SX90; NRA 8919 Tyne and Wear misc; dates 1956-75), held at Tyne and Wear Archives Service -see online catalogue.



A number of more minor references to the Joint Palestine Appeal are listed on A2A.



See also related record


Source of InformationNRA; Scottish Archive Network; Tyne and Wear Archives Service; A2A
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