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NGODisability and Development Partners (DDP)

Disability and Development Partners, 404 Camden Road, London, N7 0SJ

Telephone020 77007298
Background Information

"DDP is an international disability charity, working solely in developing countries. We invariably work in partnership with local organisations to design, develop and implement programmes and projects, funded by institutional donor agencies such as Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund. Our initial focus was on the physical damage wrought by landmines and other ordnance but, as we have grown, projects now seek to develop holistic rehabilitation strategies with and for disabled people. These range from direct service provision of, for example, orthotic and prosthetic assistive devices for people with mobility impairments to capacity development of partners and advocacy. DDP additionally works in the areas of inclusive education (i.e. inclusive of children with disabilities) and livelihood opportunities for disabled people." Source: DANGO Questionnaire

Year Created1995
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

Jaipur Limb Campaign (JLC) (1995-2005)

Related Organisations

World Health Organisation; BOND

KeywordsDisability; Education; International development and humanitarian aid; War, conflict and pacifism.
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