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2nd Floor, 146 Argyle Street, Glasgow. G2 8BL

Telephone0141 226 4541
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The idea for ENABLE Scotland originated in 1954 from 5 parents (the Currans, Hendersons, McIntoshs, Maughams and Shapters) who, unimpressed by the level of support and services available at the time for those with learning disabilities, wanted better options for themselves and their children. Today, ENABLE Scotland is a charity run by over-4000 members, who are largely individuals with learning disabilities, carers, families and volunteers. It provides support for those affected by disability, campaigns and lobbies for equal opportunities, and provides community based services that facilitate better integration into the wider community. Over the years it has successfully established numerous local branches, holiday homes, respite centres, children's centres and advocacy groups (source:


Year Created1954
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies

Scottish Association of Parents of Handicapped Children (1954-1961), Scottish Society for Mentally Handicapped Children (1961-1973), Scottish Society for the Mentally Handicapped (1973-1993)

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KeywordsDisability; Equality, discrimination and prejudice.
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