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NGOCUTS International
AddressCUTS International, Gordon House, 6 Lissenden Gardens, London, NW5 1LX
Telephone020 74828830
Background InformationCUTS (Consumer Unity and Trust Society) International is an India-based organisation working in the fields of consumer protection, international trade, development and economic activity, and human development. The body began in Rajasthan, India, in 1983. The London office of CUTS International acts as a resource and support centre for the CUTS offices in India and Africa. Sources:;
Year Created2003
Other Names / Antecedent BodiesCUTS (Centre for International Trade, Economics and Environment) (02/2003 - 03-2004); CUTS International (03-2004 to date)
Related OrganisationsICTSD (International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development); SAWTEE (South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment); UNCTAD (United Nation's Conference on Trade and Development); UNEP (United Nation's Environment Programme); UNCSD (United Nation's commission on Sustainable Development); BOND; UK Trade Network; EU Trade Network; Make Poverty History.
KeywordsConsumption, consumer action & corporate accountability; International development and humanitarian aid.
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