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NGODown's Syndrome Association (DSA)
AddressDown's Syndrome Association, Langdon Down Centre, 2a Langdon Park, Teddington TW11 9PS
Telephone0845 2300372
Background Information"The Down's Syndrome Association was formed in 1970. It began as a local support group for families who had a child with Down's syndrome. Since those days we have grown to become a national organisation with over 19,000 members, giving advice, support, information and training to a wide variety of people ... The DSA has also become a recognised voice in the world of learning disability, often working with other learning disability charities to influence Government policy and champion the rights of people with Down's syndrome." Source: DSA Annual Review 2004/5,
Year Created1970
Other Names / Antecedent Bodies
Related OrganisationsLangdon Down Centre Trust
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