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CollectionWorld Disarmament Campaign (WDC)
NGOWorld Disarmament Campaign (WDC)
RepositoryCommonweal Collection

Records of the World Disarmament Campaign (cat ref WDC), are held at Commonweal Collection.  The online catalogue describes the collection as consisting of " General correspondence, minutes, committee papers, publications and papers 1981-1985; Council and committee papers; correspondence of Lord Brockway 1983-85, replies to prominent world politicians 1985; tributes to Lord Brockway 1988; Annual General Meeting papers, 1983-1988; invitations and programmes; 3rd U N Session on Disarmament papers 1988; MORI Poll 1982 on Disarmament and Nuclear Weapons; Neil Kinnock letter on Labour policy on nuclear weapons, 1984; Executive Council papers 1990; World Peace Action Programme launch - papers 1985; 2nd U N Session on Disarmament papers 1982; various campaign letters and replies 1980s, tapes of speeches at Lord Brockway Memorial Meeting 1988; tape of speech by Lord Louis Mountbatten 1979; booklets 1980 from WDC and UN on disarmament issues; papers on the Stockholm Conference of 1986 and the Helsinki Agreement

Press cuttings, papers and correspondence on issues including the Iran-Iraq War, Gulf War, World Peace Action Programme, Peace Walk 1987; World Peace Telephone Network

Newsletters and issues of 'World Disarm!', 1982-1996; policy statements, discussion documents and political correspondence, 1982-1994

Papers on the Convention on Human Survival, 1990

Women for World Disarmament: papers, 1985-1990

Papers of local support groups throughout Britain, 1980-1985

Posters, general publicity material and collection of pin badges advocating disarmament"


Comprehensive records from 1997 to date have been retained by the orgaisation.  Most of these records are unsorted at present, with the exception of complete set of issues of  WDC's journal World Disarm!

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Records relating to the World Disarmament Campaign appear in a number of collections, including;


The Papers of Richard Ferdinand Kahn (cat ref RFK/13/124), held at Cambridge University: King's College Archive Centre -see online catalogue;



Papers and correspondence of Richard Laurence Millington Synge FRS cat ref NCUACS 73.2.98), held at Cambridge University: Trinity College Library -see online catalogue;



Papers and correspondence of Dorothy Mary Moyle Needham FRS (cat ref NCUACS 22.7.90), held at Cambridge University: Girton College Library -online catalogue;



Labour Party Archives [cat ref LP/ID], held at Labour History Archive and Study Centre (People's History Museum/University of Central Lancashire) -see online catalogue;



Papers and correspondence of Joseph Needham CH (cat ref NCUACS 81.2.99), held at Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives -see online catalogue;


A number of minor references to the World Disarmament Campaign appear on A2A and AIM 25


Source of InformationNRA; A2A; AIM 25; contact with World Disarmament Campaign (Jan 2008)
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