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NGOGreenpeace UK

Greenpeace UK, Canonbury Villas, London, N1 2PN

Telephone020 78658100
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Greenpeace (UK) is the UK member of Greenpeace International, the environmental campaign group. Greenpeace uses a potent combination of daring direct action and its high media profile to further its agenda. Greenpeace began with protests against nuclear testing by the United States, and later France, and amid a more general frustration with established environmental campaign groups. In an infamous incident in 1985, the French Secret Service blew up the Greenpeace craft The Rainbow Warrior, killing one crew member. Greenpeace now campaigns on a wide range of environmental issues, including climate change and genetically-modified (GM) crops. The UK branch was established in 1977, and the umbrella grouping Greenpeace International in 1979. The Greenpeace Environmental Trust (charity no. 284934) was established in 1982. Beneath the Greenpeace UK umbrella there also exists Greenpeace Communications, with responsibility for media profile. Source:

Year Created1977
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Greenpeace International; Greenpeace Environmental Trust; Trade Justice Movement; Wildlife and Countryside Link

KeywordsAnimals and animal protection; Climate change & global warming; Environment and conservation; Science and scientific research; Transport.
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