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All NGOs with completed records (1978)

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Fabian Society


Fair Organ Preservation Society


Fairtrade Foundation

Faith and Thought (Victoria Institute, or the Philosophical Society of Great Britain)

Families Achieving Change Together (FACT)

Families Against Intimidation and Terror (FAIT)

Families Anonymous (FA)

Families Need Fathers (FNF)

Families of the Disappeared (FOTD)

Family Action (formerly Family Welfare Association)

Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (FFLAG)

Family and Parenting Institute (National Family and Parenting Institute)

Family and Youth Concern (FYC)

Family Endowment Society (FES)

Family First

Family Fund (Family Fund Trust for Families with Severely Disabled Children)

Family Life and Marriage Education Trust (Flame Network)

Family Mediation Scotland (FMS)

Family Mediators Association (FMA)

Family Planning Association (FPA)

Family Policy Studies Centre

FARM-Africa (FA)

Fassit UK: Families Anti-Social Services Inquiry Team

Fathers 4 Justice

Fatima Women's Association (FWA)

FATIMA Women's Network

Fauna and Flora International

Fawcett Society

Federal Union

Federation of American Women's Cubs Overseas (FAWCO)

Federation of Jewish Relief Organisations (FJRO)

Federation of Polish Jews in Great Britain

Federation of Synagogues

Federation of Zionist Youth

Feed the Minds

Fellowship of Reconciliation in Scotland

Fellowship of Reconciliation in Wales (Cymdeithas y Cymod)

Fellowship of Reconciliation, England

Fellowship of United Reformed Youth (FURY)

Feminists Against Censorship

Festival of Light (Nationwide Festival of Light)

FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society

Field Foundation

Fields in Trust (FIT) (National Playing Fields Association (NPFA))

Fight the Alton Bill Campaign (FAB)

Find Your Feet

Findhorn Foundation

Food for the Hungry UK

Forest Peoples Programme

Forests Monitor Ltd.

Forum for Community Work Education Northern Ireland

Forward Britain Movement

Foundation for GAIA

Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD)

Foundation for Womens Art (FWA) (Museum of Womens Art (MWA))

Fountain Society

Franco-British Society

Freedom Association (TFA)

Freedom Defence Committee

Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco (FOREST)

Freedom to Care (FtC)

Friends of Democracy in Greece

Friends of Israel Educational Foundation (FOIEF)

Friends of Namibia (Friends of Namibia Society)

Friends of Reunion

Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Friends of the Earth, Scotland

Friends of The Gambia Association

Friends of the Union

Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME)

Funky Dragon (Children and Young People's Assembly for Wales)

GAIA Foundation

Galton Institute

Gamblers Anonymous UK

Garden Organic (a.k.a. The Henry Doubleday Research Association, HDRA)

Gardner's Trust for the Blind

Garfield Weston Foundation

Gay Activists Alliance

Gay Community Organisation

Gay Liberation Front (GLF)

GCHQ Campaign (Government Communications Head Quarters campaign)

Gemma (Lesbians With/Without Disabilities)

GenetiX Snowball

Genewatch UK

German Educational Reconstruction Group

Get Britain Out

Get Britain Out

Gingerbread: An Association for Lone Parent Families

GirlGuiding UK

Girls Training Corps

Girls' Brigade England and Wales

Girls' Day School Trust (GDST)

Give Innocent Victims Equality (GIVE)

Global Action Plan UK

Global Canopy Programme (GCP)

Global Care

Global Commons Institute (GCI)

Global Dialogues

Global Islands Network (GIN)

Global Vision International (GVI)

Global Witness

GM Freeze

GMFA, the Gay Men's Health Charity


Goodwin Development Trust

Grace Eyre Foundation

Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland (Orange Order) (Loyal Orange Institution)

Grandparents Action Group

Grandparents Association

Great Britain China Centre

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (GOSHCC)

Green Alliance

Green Party

Green Party in Northern Ireland

Greenham Common Women's Peace Campaign

Greenpeace UK


Groundwork UK (Federation of Groundwork Trusts)

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (GDBA)

Guinness Trust

Gypsy Council for Education, Culture, Welfare and Civil Rights, The (a.k.a. the Gypsy Council)

Habitat for Humanity Great Britain

Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers

Handicap International UK

Hands Across the Divide

Hansard Society

Harmony Community Trust

Harvest Help

Haven Wolverhampton (The)

Hawk and Owl Trust (HOT)

Healing Through Remembering

Health Unlimited


Hearing Concern LINK

Help and Advice with Victims Every Need (HAVEN)

Help the Hospices

Helping Hands for the Needy

Henry George Foundation

Henry Smith Charity

Henshaw's Society for Blind People (HSBP)


Herpes Viruses Association

Herpetological Conservation Trust (HCT)

Hillsborough Disaster Appeal Trust / Hillsborough Disaster Charitable Trust

Hindu Council UK

Hindu Forum of Britain

Historic Royal Palaces

Hives Save Lives - Africa

Home Farm Trust (HFT)

Homeless International

Homeless Link

Homes for Homeless People (HHP)

HOPE for Children (HFC)

Hope UK

HOPE Worldwide UK


Horticultural Education Association

Hostelling International Northern Ireland (HINI)

Housing Justice

Howard League for Penal Reform

Human Appeal International

Human Relief Foundation

Human Rights Society (HRS) (Human Rights)

Humane Research Trust

Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) (Humane Slaughter Association and Council of Justice to Animals (HSA and CJA))

Humanist Society of Scotland (HSS)

Hunt Saboteurs' Association (HSA)

Hunterian Society

I CAN (Invalid Children's Aid Nationwide)

I Rescue

IA, the Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group

ICA:UK (Institute of Cultural Affairs)

Icon - The Institute of Conservation

IDE-UK (International Development Enterprises UK)

Idlewild Trust

Ijaw People's Association of Great Britain and Ireland (IPA)


Impact Foundation


Inclusion International (II)

Independent Labour Publications (ILP)

Independent Loyal Orange Institution (Independent Orange Order)

Independent Nuclear Disarmament Committee (INDEC)

Independent Progressive Socialist (IPS) party

India League

India Pakistan and Burma Association

Indian Muslim Federation (UK)

Indian Workers' Association (IWA) (GB)

Industrial Christian Fellowship (ICF)

Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM)

Initiation Society

Inland Waterways Association (IWA)

Inland Waterways International (IWI)

Institute for European Environmental Policy, London (IEEP)

Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

Institute for Government (IfG)

Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR)

Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)

Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR)

Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS)

Institute of Economic Affairs

Institute of Employment Rights (IER)

Institute of Race Relations

Institute of Religion and Medicine

Institute of Rural Life at Home and Overseas

Institute of Welsh Affairs: Sefydliad Merion Cymreig

Integrated Village Development Trust

Inter Care

Inter-Church Group on Faith and Politics (ICGFP)

Interact Worldwide

Intercontinental Church Society (ICS)

International Abolitionist Federation

International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)

International African Institute/Institut Africain International (IAI)

International Alert

International Alliance of Women

International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals (IAAPEA)

International Association for Community Development (IACD)

International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF)

International Brigade Memorial Trust

International Buddhist Relief Organisation (IBRO)

International Campaign to Indict Iraqi War Criminals (INDICT)

International Care and Relief

International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights (INTERIGHTS)

International Centre for Trade Union Rights (ICTUR)

International Childcare Trust

International Children's Trust

International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)

International Committee of Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations

International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS

International Congo Aid - Smile African Children (ICASAC)

International Council of Prison Medical Services (HIPP)

International Council of Women/Conseil International des Femmes (ICW/CIF)

International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa

International Development Centre (IDC)

International Family Health (IFH)

International Federation of Women against Fundamentalism and for Equality (WAFE)

International Federation of Workers' Educational Associations (IFWEA)

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) UK

International Fund for Ireland

International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA)

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

International Inter-Faith Organisations Co-ordinating Committee (IIOCC)

International Law Association (ILA)

International Monarchist League (Monarchist League)

International Nepal Fellowship

International Network for Development (INfD)

International Network of Street Papers (INSP)

International Otter Survival Fund

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPR)

International Play Association: Promoting the Child's Right to Play (England, Wales & Northern Ireland) (IPA ENWI)

International Refugee Trust (IRT)

International Rescue Committee - UK

International Service (IS)

International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC) UK

International Student Conference

International Tree Foundation

International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI)

International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade (IU)

International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY)

International Voluntary Service (IVS-GB)

International Voluntary Service Northern Ireland (IVS-NI)

International Wages for Housework Campaign (IWHC)

International Women's Year

International Year of Disabled People 1981

International Year of the Family


Involvement and Participation Association (IPA)

Iraq Body Count

Irish Association (Irish Association for Cultural Economic and Social Relations)

Irish Council of Churches

Irish Independence Party (IIP)

Irish Network for Nonviolent Action Training and Education (INNATE)

Islamic Human Rights Commission

Islamic Party of Britain

Islamic Relief

Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR)

Japan Christian Link

Japan Society

Java FEPOW Club 1942 (the Java Club)

Jewish Arab Committee to Combat British Imperialism

Jewish Bread, Meat and Coal Society

Jewish Care

Jewish Childs Day

Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE)

Jewish Labour Movement

Jewish Memorial Council

Jewish National Fund (JNF) (Jewish National Fund Charitable Trust)

Jewish Peace Society

Jewish Refugee Committee

Jewish Women's Aid (JWA)

Jewish Youth Fund

Jews for Justice for Palestinians UK

John Mordaunt Trust

John Ray Initiative

Joint Council for Gay Teenagers

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI)

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT)

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust

Josephine Butler Society

Journalists Against Nuclear Extermination (JANE)

Jubilee Debt Campaign

Jubilee Scotland

Junior Imperial and Constitutional League


Justice and Peace Scotland

Justice for Families (Public Family Law Reform Coordinating Campaign)

Justice Not Vengeance (JNV)


Kaloko Trust

Karma Nirvana (Asian Womens Project)

Karuna Trust

Keep Sunday Special Campaign

Keeping Kids Company (Kids Company)

Kennel Club

Kerala Federation for the Blind

Kids for Kids

King's Fund (King Edward's Hospital Fund for London)

Kingscare (God's Love in Action)

Knights of St Columba

Kohima Educational Trust


Kurdish Human Rights Project (KHRP)

Kurdistan Workers Association (KWA) (Komela Karkeren Kurdistan)