DANGO Conference Schedule:

Non-Governmental Organisations and Politics in Contemporary Britain

5-6 July 2007
The Birmingham and Midland Institute,
Margaret Street, Birmingham,
B3 3BS

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Conference Schedule: Day One, Thursday 5 July

Registration and Refreshments

Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Panel 1: Special Interest Activism
Discussant: Lucy Robinson
Alex Mold: 'Assessing the Changing Role of NGOs in Britain Since the 1960s: A Case Study Approach'
Jodi Burkett: '"Ban the Bomb! But not that way": Direct action, civil disobedience and the anti-nuclear movement, 1958-1962'
Chris Rootes: 'NGOs, environmental movement organizations and the environmental movement in England'


Panel 2: NGOs and Democracy
Discussant: Nick Crowson
Nandini Deo: 'Democratic Accountabiliy and NGOs'
Darren Halpin: 'NGOs and Democratisation: Assessing variation in the internal democratic practices of NGOs'
Bryn Jones & Anna Cento Bull: 'NGOs, Governance and Civil Society: Britain in Comparative Perspective'


Panel 3: International Development
Discussant: James McKay
Matt Anderson: 'Consumer, Volunteer, Activist: Defining the British Fair Trade Movement, 1960 — 2006'
Clare Saunders: 'From lobby to movement? The development of British humanitarian, aid and development NGOs'
Nandita Dogra: 'Cross-connections or crossed-connections?-Representations of global poverty and international development by British development NGOs'

Conference Schedule: Day Two, Friday 6 July

Panel 4: Moral Politics
Discussant: Matthew Hilton
Caitriona Beaumont: 'Housewives, Workers and Citizens: an overview of the role of mainstream women's organisations in England representing the interests and rights of women as equal citizens in the post-war period, 1945-1975'
Lawrence Black: 'There's Something About Mary: The National Viewers' and Listeners' Association as a social movement'
Stephen Brooke: 'The sphere of sexual politics: the Abortion Law Reform Association, 1940s to 1960s'


Panel 5: Poverty & Social Policy
Discussant: Helen Laville
Tanya Evans: 'Stopping the Poor Getting Poorer: The Establishment and Professionalisation of the Poverty Lobby, 1945-95'
Liza Filby: 'Faith, hope and charity: The Church, state and voluntary sector under Thatcher'
Morag McDermont: 'Shaping voluntary organisations through charity: a study of the housing association sector'


Panel 6: Rights & Equality
Discussant: Stephen Brooke
Tom Buchanan: 'Human Rights campaigns in modern Britain'
Matthew Waites: 'Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual NGOs in Britain: Past, Present and Future'


Panel 7: NGOs and the State
Discussant: Gidon Cohen
Yacob Mulugetta, Shane Fudge and Tim Jackson: 'Policy conversations in climate change and the place of NGOs'
Susan Trouvé Finding: 'Blazing the trail? NGOs and family issues'
Audra Mitchell: 'Peace-building or State-building? The 'Civil Society' approach to peacebuilding and the expressive action of NGOs in Northern Ireland'

Closing Address by Pat Thane


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